Terms of service

The Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps are protected according to the legal systems applying in the participating States Parties. Any proposed actions that may have a significant impact on the heritage values of the archaeological areas nominated for inscription are restricted. The common management system of the nomination is comprehensive and transversal: it integrates all States levels and competent authorities, including the local communities, in each country, and connects the different national systems to an international management system, through an already implemented International Coordination Group, based on a Management Commitment signed by all States Parties. Common visions and aims are translated into concrete projects on international, national and regional / local level in a regularly adapted management plan.

In the public domain data base basic data about the age, location and description of several hundreds of pile dwellings is available. Additional information for researchers is available after accreditation by one of the administrators. Contact our staff to get further information or access to this system.