Administrative Staff

In case of questions related to specific sites of the UNESCO World Heritage Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps you can contact the general secretary or the regional administrators for further information.

If you are interested in using the pile dwellings database for scientific research please contact the general secretary or the regional administrators for registration with a short explanation of your scientific background and the reason for your interest.

Namesort descending Responsibilities
Adriano Boschetti Bern, Content administration Contact
Andreas Mäder Zürich Contact
Barbara Fath Administration, Content administration, Switzerland Contact
Barbara Grassi Lombardia Contact
Benoît Dubosson Content administration, Switzerland Contact
Carmen Löw Austria, Content administration Contact
Christian Maise Aargau Contact
Christine Michel Nidwalden, Sankt Gallen, Schwyz, Zürich Contact
Christoph Lötscher Solothurn Contact
Colette Laroche Content administration, Haute-Savoie Contact
Cyril Dworsky Administration, Austria, Content administration Contact
Daniel Gutscher Bern Contact
Dejan Veranic Administration, Slovenia Contact
Emil Weber Nidwalden Contact
Federica Gonzato Veneto Contact
Filippo Maria G... Lombardia Contact
Francesco Rubat... Piemonte Contact
Frederique Fromentin Administration, France Contact
Gishan Schären Zug Contact
Helena Seidl da... Administration, Austria, Content administration Contact
Henrik Pohl Austria, Content administration Contact
Irene Ebneter Thurgau Contact
Maria Giuseppin... Administration, Italy Contact
Markus Höneisen Schaffhausen Contact
Martin Schindler Sankt Gallen Contact
Nicole Pousaz Waadt Contact
Nielsen Ebbe Luzern Contact
Paolo Bellintani Trentino-Alto Adige Contact
Philippe Zuppinger Neuenburg Contact
Pierre Corboud Genève Contact